Diversity Students



Hi, My name is Caleb Choi. I am Sophomore in Arlington high school in Massachusetts. I am interested in Social justice and adventure. I’ve been playing Cello for 8years and love to sing. 

I can teach elementary and middle school Math, Korean and Music.

My name is Sofia Leto. I am 16 years old in my junior year of high school at Arlington high school. I am bilingual in Italian and English and have been studying French since middle school. I would be able to teach all three. I took algebra one in 8th grade and honors math since then. I have always done well in my classes and take mostly honors in all my classes every year. My favorite hobbies include piano, dance, biking, roller skating, sewing, baking and longboarding. I can teach Elementary and middle school English, elementary and middle school math, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, music, French, and Italian.