Diversity Students



Our New York Chapter's board meeting on Apr 2022


By running an event in Flushing, New York, through the Minkwon Center, the New York AAH! chapter helped immigrants set up apps that make them aware of how prevalent COVID-19 is in their communities and connect to smart thermometers tracking their health. The members also helped guide those interested in resources such as a health insurance plan and food stamps.

This initiative is a part of our mission of helping those in need, such as immigrants.

Hi, my name is Brandon Cho and I go to Queens High School of Sciences at York College in New York. I was an AAH formal student from 2017 to 2020, and I am so excited to be part of the AAH team as a tutor to give back to our community. Currently, I am teaching English to Korean students and it has been great to watch them improve with time. Sometimes, students can find it difficult to learn in school and that some other methods of education are better for them. I am currently in ninth grade and have been a good student throughout middle school. I am also very interested in art, as I have enjoyed art ever since I was young. I also enjoy analyzing movies and stories to find problems and what they did well and see if I could write stories myself. I hope to help spread AAH even more and find bigger international success.



  • Key Club editor for high school. (2021 - )

  • Middle school Student Cabinet class representative (a group of students who meet to share their opinions on the school) (2018 - 2020)

  • Middle school spelling bee class representative (2018) and elementary school runner- up(2016)


  • I have played piano for around 10 years ( 2010 - )

  • I have played Basketball for around 7  years (2014 - )

  • Learned Mixed Martial Arts for around 7 years (2013 - 2020)

  • I have played tennis for around 5 years (2017 - )

  • Learned skateboarding since 7th grade (2019 - )

  • I have recently started to enjoy soccer as well (2020)