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2017-2018  News

Great start! 

Now we have more members!

Elly has been working with Syrian refugee children. She coordinated with Lutheran Church of the Incarnation and invited two students to the church to share their heartbreaking stories from leaving behind Syria and gave funds to the family. 

Brandon Cho (AAH! student, New York

  • He was chosen to be a class representative for six grade Spelling Bee at Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School in New York.

  • Way to go Brandon. We are so proud of YOU!

Ryan Ma (AAH! student, New York

  • Student of the month.

Phillip Yoo (AAH! student, New York

  • USA New York state TKD bronze.

  • USA New York state TKD silver.

  • Champions Open TKD 

  • TKD Kukkiwon black belt.

Isaac Lee (AAH! student, New York)

  • New York State assembly essay and drawing contest 2017 Honorable mention

  • The Korean Times New York children's art competition 2nd place

We celebrated our one year anniversary at our last session. We missed our New York students. This year has been fantastic! It is hard to believe that it is coming to an end.

All of you have made great progress and that is what matters most!

We are awesome!

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