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Diversity Students



Global Department

  • Co-External Singapore Affairs Officer

  • Global Indian International School in Singapore

Global Department

  • Co-External Singapore Affairs Officer

  • The University of British Columbia- Class of 2026: Major in Computer Science, Canada

  • Narayana school in India​

  • Global Indian International School in Singapore

  • Ruamrudee International school, Bangkok, Thailand 

Hey! My name is Chaitanya Ambike. I currently am a senior at Global Indian International School, Singapore. I'm good at Mathematics and Science (especially Physics) along with Social Sciences. I've been told that when I teach something it is understood very easily by them. I am Head of Academics and Technology at GIIS Genetics Club. I'm also good at soccer and cricket!

Hello! My name is Siddarth Chilukuri. I go to The University of British Columbia-major in Computer Science and graduated from Global Indian International School in Singapore. I'm really good at Maths and Computers. 

I am incredibly patient: you could ask me to repeat a certain thing ten times over and I would still do it without the slightest signs of irritation. I've also been told I'm a pretty funny guy. :D

Some of my notable achievements include:

1. Grade 10 Interschool Volleyball finalist

2. Head of Events Management at GIIS Tech Club

3. Head of Robotics at GIIS Creators' Club

And my other skills include:

1. Guitar (I'm really good at it, btw :D)

2. Rubix cube (I can solve it in 20 seconds!!)

I can teach HTML / CSS, General Programming Concepts, Intro to Python, Middle School Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Elementary Math, English, Geometry,

Hi I'm Rithwik! I live in Singapore and I am a senior at Global Indian International School. I am good at Mathematics and computer science (python). I also have a interest in Physics (Classical and Quantum mechanics) and Chemistry. I play Chess in my free time. I like building robots and have won a robotics competition. I also play the Piano. I can teach Python, physics, chemistry, math

My name is Deepikka Natarajan. I am currently living in Thailand and I go to Ruamrudee International School. I am currently a junior doing the IB Diploma. I am the chair of Father Ray Committee which is a committee aiming to help kids at the Father Ray orphanage here in Thailand. I am also a Softball and Soccer player in my school team. I am part of many clubs such as Soi Dog and Habitat for Humanity. Academically, I am a very well-rounded student. I have been doing well in all my subjects here at school. I can teach Spanish

Hello! My name is Surendranath Reddy, a senior at Narayana school in India. I'm really good at Maths and Science and I can teach Math (Geometry) and HTHL/CSS. I've been told that I have a very unique and interesting teaching style. I can make people understand what I teach and if they don't, I will repeat the same thing as many times as they'd want me to. I can teach HTHL/CSS, elementary math, middle school math, geometry 

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