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Diversity Students


335 Manor Avenue

Downingtown, PA




  • Philadelphia Co-director

  • Downingtown STEM Academy

       Downingtown, PA

My name is Vikram Davey. I live in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, and I go to Downingtown STEM Academy. I am currently a freshman doing pre diploma and non-pre diploma courses at my school. I am a part of many different competitive clubs, including the buisness club DECA, the medical club HOSA, and the programming club that is called STEM Hacks. Regarding my academics in school, I am a straight A student at a high school that I had to apply to get into; it is ranked #2 in Pennsylvania. I am a distinguished honor roll student and advanced in all of the courses/subjects that I take. I can teach Elementary Math, Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra, and Elementary English.

My name is Nick John. I live in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania and I am a student at the Downingtown STEM Academy. The STEM Academy is the #2 ranked high school in Pennsylvania and is an IB World school. To get into the school, I had to apply and I was 1 of 500 students to be admitted in. Currently, I have a 4.50 GPA and I had a 4.38 GPA as a Freshman. In school, I am in a business club called DECA, a medical club called HOSA, a coding club called STEM Hacks, my school’s Cross Country team, and my school’s Band. Also, I am advanced in many subjects, especially reading, writing, and math.

I am a sophomore at the Downingtown STEM Academy, where I partake in a number of clubs and events. For instance, I took a part in FBLA, or the future Business Leaders Association. There, I made it to the 2nd round of the State Leadership Conference. In my sophomore year I decided to take part in DECA as well, where I am participating in the Start-Up Business Plan. In school, I am very interested in mathematics and science, particularly chemistry and physics. Outside of school, I greatly enjoy playing sports. I run cross country for Downingtown East, and play tennis and basketball outside of this.

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