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2020-2021 News!

AAH! is a certifying organization for the President's volunteer service award (PVSA) 

2020 the president's volunteer service AWARD RECIPIENTS!

Chief Guest: Mr. ALEX LEWIS, Director of Creative and Digital Media, Kennesaw State University, GA

  • Srinidhi Satluri: Gold Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • Sarayu Agasthi: Silver Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)        

  • Avni Gopanaboina: Bronze Medal & Certificate (AP, India)

  • Brandon Cho: Bronze Medal & Certificate (New York, NY) 

  • Ted Cho: Bronze Medal & Certificate (New York, NY)

  • SaiChandana Ballem: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Lansing, MI)             

  • Dhruvpal Mehru: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)           

  • Siddant Singh: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                  

  • Sara Saeidi: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                     

  • Manya Mishra: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                 

  • Krishna Anand: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                

  • Anshula Pawar: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)             

  • Aisulu R. Montes: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)          

  • Ananya Rajagopalan: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)  

  • Nikhil Bhagwat: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)         

  • Zhuyun Wei: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                 

AAH! congratulates all the PVSA winners and look forward to more volunteers to get motivated and join hands to uplift the community that we live in.

Congratulations to our AAH! students who received 1st and 3rd place at the EPiCS Ignite! coding competition in August 2021!

1st Place - Ted Cho

3rd Place - Dereck Kim


Due to COVID-19, our sessions have transferred online rather than having both in person and virtual options. However, this situation has allowed us to further expand nationally and globally! Since 2017, AAH! has made an impact on around 1000 students across the world and recruited about 650 tutors.

Here are a few of our international students!

Elly is tutoring Ju Hyun Lee from Seoul,  South Korea.

Elly is tutoring Rieko Mori from Osaka,  Japan.  

  • A New York tutor, Brandon is tutoring Min Jae from Gyeonggi-Do,  South Korea.

  • He was an AAH! student for three years, and now he is giving back to the AAH! community as a tutor.  

Abhinav is tutoring Pulipaka from Andhra Pradesh, India.  

Amelie is tutoring Maria from Bucharest, Romania.  

 Amelie is talking to students, Loving, Cami, and Cristi from Bucharest, Romania.

Cornor Lee (AAH! student, New York)

  • He loves math and reading. His favorite books are Heroes of Olympus series. He loves to code and has attended summer coding camps sponsored by Microsoft.

Derek Kim (AAH! student, Georgia)

  • Target (Gifted) student at Sope Creek Elementary School.

  • Acquired Taekwondo purple belt.

  • Memorial day & Independence day: He put American flags for the community.  

  • Presented "Rocks & Minerals" during pandemic with neighborhood friends.

Min Jae Kim (AAH! international student, South Korea)

  • Enjoys fishing!

T. Sailohith Kumar (AAH! international student, India)

  • He is very active talented and very much interested to do higher level education in USA.  

Ryan Sok (AAH! student, Georgia)

  • 3rd place- Korean Amerian youth organization arts contest. 

Ryan Ma (AAH! student, New York)

  • Certificate of special congressional recognition-exellence in education and service

Pulipaka Nuthija (AAH! international student, India)

  • She loves learning from her AAH! tutor so much and has a strong bond with her tutor.

James Moon (AAH! student, New York)

  • Soccer excellent award.

Ted Cho (AAH! student, New York)

  • 3rd place- New York kids soccer tournement.

Ryan Yoo (AAH! student, New York)

  • Radical redder award from school P.S. 213.

Anna Jo (AAH! student, New York)

  • Enjoys playing a violin!

Lena Kim (AAH! student, New York)

  • Enjoys playing a piano!

Lan Kim

AAH! student, New York

  • Enjoys playing a violin!

Kevin Park (AAH! student, New York)

  • Enjoys playing a piano!

Caden Park (AAH! student, New York)

  • Loves riding a bicycle!

Derrick Kim (AAH! student, New York)

  • Loves playing soccer and drums. Ah! games are also one of his joys.

Ryan Lee (AAH! student, New York)

  • He loves science and social studies also loves video games as well.

Lucas Lee (AAH! student, New York)

  • He loves music, loves playing drums and violin. 

  • He earned two medals from The reading and Writing Olympics at school this past summer.

Isabelle Lee (AAH! student, New York)

  • She loves gymnastics!

Daniel Kim (AAH! student, New York)​

  • He loves dance, Legos, piano, computer game, coding and animating.

  • Piano honor award

Daniella Kim (AAH! student, New York)​

  • She loves ballet, fashion, and story books.

Lena Garacia (AAH! student, New York)​

  • She loves playing a table tennis.

Eunice Park (AAH! student, New York)

  • She loves playing a piano, listening to music, and dancing!

David Kim (AAH! student, New York)

  • He is a boy with a big imagination. He loves all things Transformers and animals!

Jayden Lee (AAH! student, New York)

  • Jayden loves animals and going to the zoo is his all time favorite!

We are awesome!

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