Diversity Students




I am a sophomore in Walton high school and have been tutoring in AAH! since 8th grade (2019). In elementary and middle school, I earned mostly straight A's and received a Presidential Award (in 2017). In high school, I have a GPA higher than 4.0 and am taking vigorous classes in math and science. I am doing a lot of community service activities, including book reviewing for the Be the Star You Are! organization, doing transcriptions for the Smithsonian Institute, and volunteering in charity work. I am also the founder and president of the Active Speech Gavel Club, which is a part of Toastmasters. In addition, I have a black belt in karate and am a member of the Varsity Math Team in Walton. Finally, I received the Presidential Service Bronze Award for my community service in 2021.

My name is Samarth Bhat and I go to Alliance Academy for Innovation in Georgia. I am good at math and science, especially physics. I also have good writing skills and I am interested in history. I can speak a little bit of Spanish but I am still learning. I am also in business and STEM related clubs. I can also play piano.