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2022 AAH! health event: blood drive & cpr training 

Partnering with the American Red Cross, we held our annual blood drive. With 32 donors, the event can contribute to saving the lives of up to 96 people. Thank you to those who contributed to addressing today's significant blood supply shortage!

There is currently an extreme shortage of blood needed for lifesaving transfusions, and the Red Cross is crucial in solving this issue. Even one donation can save up to three lives. A blood transfusion is needed every two seconds, and there is never enough supply to meet demand. 

Cards for kids event

Cardz For Kidz is a global non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, smiles, and encouragement to children, families, seniors, and veterans in hospitals, schools, and senior living. To support their mission, AAH held a card making event with students, parents, and others, making over 140 cards with 60 volunteers. A big thank you to everyone who supported us!

Organized by Elly Kang (co-founder) and Medha Gunda (Alpharetta Local Chapter head and Community Outreach Director)

ADOPT-A-MILE PROGRAM (Cobb County Govt.)

American Assimilation Helpline! Inc. has been a proud supporter of the Cobb County Keep Cobb Beautiful Adopt-A-Mile program. AAH! has officially adopted about a mile of Indian Hills Parkway, Marietta GA-30068. Clean-ups are held at every quarter first Sunday.  It’s not glamorous work, but it’s great to see our neighborhood clean and neat. And each time we clean up our mile, there seems to be less trash to collect, so we are confident that we are making a difference. AAH! Adopt a mile program is an excellent way for groups to work together to keep Cobb beautiful. Cobb County has been reputed as one of the most attractive communities in the Southeast. Let’s preserve this attribute!

What to Expect

  • Usually, it takes less than an hour for volunteers to pick up the trash that has accumulated and collect the orange bags in a central location for the county to pick up.

  • Bags, latex gloves, and safety vests are provided.

  • Covid-19 precautions are observed! We provide masks and we keep our distance.

  • Wear sturdy shoes or boots and bring gloves if you’d rather not use the latex gloves we provide.

  • Children under 13 are not allowed on the cleanups for safety reasons. Children 13 and over must be accompanied by an adult.

I am a sophomore in Walton high school and have been tutoring in AAH! since 8th grade (2019). In elementary and middle school, I earned mostly straight A's and received a Presidential Award (in 2017). In high school, I have a GPA higher than 4.0 and am taking vigorous classes in math and science. I am doing a lot of community service activities, including book reviewing for the Be the Star You Are! organization, doing transcriptions for the Smithsonian Institute, and volunteering in charity work. I am also the founder and president of the Active Speech Gavel Club, which is a part of Toastmasters. In addition, I have a black belt in karate and am a member of the Varsity Math Team in Walton. Finally, I received the Presidential Service Bronze Award for my community service in 2021.

My name is Samarth Bhat and I go to Alliance Academy for Innovation in Georgia. I am good at math and science, especially physics. I also have good writing skills and I am interested in history. I can speak a little bit of Spanish but I am still learning. I am also in business and STEM related clubs. I can also play piano.

My name is Samit Kadasinghanahalli. I am a sophomore at Walton High School. I can teach elementary and middle school math and science.

Hi! My name is Aanchal and I am currently a Sophomore at Walton High School in Marietta. Go Raiders!! I am part of the STEM Academy in my school and I am pursuing an education in the Biomedical Science track. My strong suit lies in writing and biology and language. I am currently taking Spanish 3/4, Ap Language, Ap Microeconomics, Honors STEM Chemistry, Honors STEM Human Anatomy and body system and Honors Algebra 2. I love learning about different cultures and am interested in meeting people from different backgrounds. I have dabbled in many sports such as swimming, roller skating, dance. I am currently doing taekwondo! I am in the ICA, Chinese and K-pop club as well (I am a multi-Stan :) I am also in Science Olympiad and HOSA. I love reading, listening to music (most of all genres and any language), sketching and writing in my free time. I love helping others too and I hope I can do the same for you!! I believe that every student has a potential to achieve greatness and being part of that journey is indescribable. We are a team and just like any team, we need to work TOGETHER to attain our goal. I can teach English, middle school and elementary literature. I can also teach biology (honors as well), elementary math, intro to Spanish, and Ap human geography.

My name is Shayan Lalani and I am a student at Walton High School. I am interested in Math and Science and have had an interest in Computer Science. My hobbies are playing tennis, playing games, and coding. I am able to teach math, science, english, and computer science.

Hi! My name is Alexis Allen and I attend Wheeler High School in Marietta, GA as a member of the magnet program. I am heavily involved in my school's National FFA Organization Club and hope to pursue a career in science, specifically chemistry or biochemistry. I additionally enjoy Calculus, and have tons of experience working with many different people.I can teach science, AP Calculus AB and BC, as well as Elementary Math, Middle School Math, and English well!

Hello, my name is Katherine. I live in Georgia and I am currently in Walton High School. I am very genuin, kind, and understanding. I live in a family where Spanish is spoken the most because of my mom. I am excited to be teaching and helping people learn Spanish. I love helping people learn new things, which is why I want to be a teacher on the future. I have alot of experience tutoring kids of all ages, and even adults. I can teach Spanish, English, elementary math, reading and writing.

Hey there! My name is Krishna Anand and I am currently an 8th grader at Dickerson Middle School. I can teach elementary school, 6th, 7th, Pre-algebra, and Algebra 1. I’m a patient guy and like to throw in jokes every now and then (bad ones albeit sometimes :D). So, I'm pretty laid-back, but will ask for your full effort and concentration. Notable achievements: Straight A’s for the entirety of middle school (aka Principal Honor Roll) Debated twice at Georgetown and stood top 5 nationally in the high school division Similarly debated at Harvard as well scoring top 20 in the high school division Successfully completed a highly advanced month-long Johns Hopkins math course Various tennis achievements raging from 10 and under wins and 14 and under wins In Symphonic Band In Chamber Orchestra 99th percentile for all subjects for entirety of middle school in the Georgia Milestones 99th percentile for Cogat and Iowa testing 99th percentile for PSAT 8/9 (1390/1440) Looking forward to making school a little bit less frustrating for others and helping them develop good habits for academics!

I am a junior at Wheeler High School. I can teach Java, math, science, and Spanish. I am part of : Debate Team- Won first place in Georgetown National Tournament Model UN- Won first place for my committee at GSMST Academic Bowl Table Tennis Club National Honors Society, National Social Studies Honors Society, National Spanish Honors Society I have taken a lot of rigorous classes throughout the years, and I look forward to helping other students using the knowledge I have acquired.

Hi! My name is Aarsha Tummala and I’m a Freshman in the Magnet Program here at Wheeler High School. Not only am I a well-rounded student but I’m also involved with my school’s clubs and activities, including HOSA, ASL club, science olympiad, and of course the swim team. I work well in group and independent settings and I’m a listener, so I will hear out all of the students’ questions and answer them to the best of my abilities. I’m looking forward to working with all of you!

I am a junior at Walton High School in the Advanced Math Science STEM path. I am interested in Latin, and other STEM subjects. I have completed science courses in chemistry and environmental science and have completed math courses in algebra, geometry and precalculus. I have also completed AP Computer Science Principles and am currently taking AP Computer Science A.

I am in 9th grade, and I currently take 4 honors and 2 ap courses. I would be comfortable teaching math till algebra 2. For all the other academic subjects, I could teach kids through middle school, and I could teach the basics to subjects like latin and spanish.

Hello, my name is Aaryaman Singh. I am a student at Walton High School. I have always loved to share my knowledge with other students and particularly have a passion for teaching. I am a member of AAH as of January 2019. Here are my achievements: Academics: Consistent Honor Roll student at Dickerson Middle School SAT Duke TIP Program in 7th grade Reflections Writing Contest Winner Heroes Writing Essay Winner ISA (International Spanish Academy) student at Walton Clubs/Organizations: Member of Habitat for Humanity (Walton High School) Member of Launch Club (Walton High School) Member of JV Academic Bowl Team (Walton High School) have gone to 2 competitions with 2nd overall finish for team Member of Math Team (Dickerson Middle School) and have gone to many competitions Have logged over 20 hours of voluntary service (Habitat for Humanity) Participation in Build for Habitat for Humanity Athletics: Member of Walton Youth track (Middle School) Participated in State championships for Walton Youth Track (Middle School) Atlanta Swim Academy SwimFit Taekwondo Black Belt 1st degree Won gold medal at Tae-Kwon Do competitions Member of Walton High School JV Track Team Leadership: Varsity lettered for Academic Bowl GA Website Director for The Polling Place 1st class Licensed instructor in Taekwondo at White Tiger Martial Arts

Hello! My name is Joanna Wei, and I’m currently in 11th grade. I’m pursuing a Biomedical pathway in my high school’s STEM Academy, and I’m also in Science Olympiad as well as various National Honor Societies. I love helping out others on my community through my involvement in Habitat for Humanity, student government, and AAH. Outside of school, I love to pursue my musical interests with piano and band!

My name is Annah Priyadi, this year I am a senior at my school. I am currently the captain of the Cross Country and Track team here. I am also a member of National Honor Society and HOSA!

ACT 36 AP: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science Principles, Physics 1, Physics C: Mechanics, United States History, Psychology, Chemistry All >90% and 4-5 exams (so far) My high school is on a semester schedule, so I am able to take more classes in a variety of subjects. I enjoy learning and teaching conceptually.

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