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Become a Tutor

  • Note: this form is not signing up for a session - it is ONLY registering you as one of our tutors. 

  • You should register for a session every week through our "Weekly US Tutor Sign-Up" form by Friday night after filling out this form.

  • We are a certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Become our PVSA recipients!

  • To sign up for tutoring, fill out our "Weekly US Tutor Sign-up" form by the Friday night before your session.

  • If you sign up by Friday, we will send information about your assigned student before each session through the WhatsApp group chat. 

  • Get community service hours from your school while tutoring students all over the world!

Tutor sign up Instructions

A quick reminder - If you are a new tutor and haven't yet submitted our "New US tutor sign-up" form, you need to fill it out before registering to volunteer for sessions.  


  • Sessions are held every Sunday from 5-6PM EST through Google Meet.


  • Newly enrolled tutors will need to sign-up for a session every week through our "Weekly US Tutor Sign-Up form" by Friday night before each session. Note that you can only register for one session for each submission of this form. 


  • Download WhatsApp! We communicate through it. Every registered tutor will be added to one of our WhatsApp tutor group chats. We post each week's pairing lists with your assigned student's name, phone number and Gmail on your assigned  WhatsApp group chats.


  • Check your WhatsApp group chat for pairing lists to see who your student (which may change) is each week. 

  • Email a Google Meet invitation to your student before each session. Make sure you send an invitation to your student approximately 30 minutes before your session begins.

  • If your student does not respond to your invitation, try reaching out several times by texting to your student phone number. Let us know if you can’t connect to your student in our tutoring WhatsApp group chat so we can help!

  • Wait 30 minutes after the scheduled start time for your session if the student doesn’t join the Meet link.

  • Leave your camera on throughout the session.

  • If you are no longer tutoring, let us know two weeks prior to when you plan on stopping so we can find your replacement without interruption. (text Elly at 770-337-6501)



  • AAH! Academic resources for our sessions:


  • AAH! Computer Science resources for our sessions:


Internship Program

Through our Education 4 All Initiative

  • Tutors hoping to work with international students should apply to our AAH! internship program. Our internship application form is linked above.

International tutor sign up instruction


American Assimilation Helpline! (AAH!) internship takes place year-round. We will provide certificates noting beginning and ending dates. We require interns to notify us two weeks before their last session. There is no minimum time requirement for participation in this program, and interns can set an ending date of their internships.



  • Our international tutors need to apply to the AAH! Internship Program to teach international students. Our international tutors and students are managed separately by our global department. We use WhatsApp groups through our local chapters and internship. Do not register for sessions managed by our US department. 


  • Our international sessions are offered year-round (including summer vacations through our Education 4 All initiative).


  • K OREAN: 한국에 거주 하시는 학생 이나 부모님들은 카카오톡 ID: caseyjake 으로 연락 주시면 바로 연락 드리겠습니다.

Download WhatsApp! We communicate through it.  Once you submit this form, you will be added to one of our WhatsApp internship group chats and receive information about your assigned student. 


Steps to tutor our international students:

  • Save your assigned student's phone number on your personal mobile device through WhatsApp. When you add a "new contact" on WhatsApp, you need to choose the country (for example, if you choose Brazil, you get +55 ________ code before their number, like +55 92 8603 2992)

  • Text your student directly to reschedule or resolve any issues if necessary. Let us know if there are any changes with your schedule. Every schedule conflict has been solved through organizing a session at a different date and/or time when both the teacher and student are available. 

  • Use or download Google Translate to translate English to your student's language - this allows for effective communication with your student. (for instance, Brazil's primary language is Portuguese)

  • Send a screenshot of your session so we can confirm it occurred each week. Take the picture at the beginning of your session to ensure you don't forget. post the screenshot of your session. 

  • If your student can’t speak English well or has to study the alphabet, try to gauge their English knowledge and go from there. Please make sure to speak loudly, clearly, and slowly. This is crucial to helping with basic English, especially for international students.

  • If you are no longer tutoring, you must let us know two weeks prior to when you plan on stopping so we can find your replacement without interruption. (text Elly Kang at 770-337-6501)

2022-2023 School year sessions will begin

on Sunday, August 28, FROM 5-6 pm est!

2022-2023 AAH! SCHEDULE​

  • First day of AAH!- August 28, 2022

  • Last day of AAH!- May 28, 2023​​

Dates with No Session​

September 25, 2022 (Fall break)​

November 20, 2022 (Thanksgiving holiday)

December 18, 2022 (Winter holiday)

December 25, 2022 (Winter holiday)

January 1, 2023 (Winter holiday)

February 12, 2023 (Super bowl)

April 2, 2023 (Spring break)

International students and tutors have sessions year-round. AAH! has been partnering with and connecting our local chapters and interns to students in developing countries working with missionaries and school institutions through   our internship. Interns teach English and programming languages to those who need educational assistance the most through our Education 4 All initiative.
You can email us:



  • AAH! Academic resources for our sessions:


  • AAH! Computer Science resources for our sessions:

These are our resources and guidelines for English conversation you can use for your sessions!

There are examples of instructional videos, but you can find other videos to screen share.

Resources for Core Subjects

Resources for Programming Language 

Chronological Bible Storying for ESL Learners

BILINGUAL KIDSPOT for younger students

ALL ESL for any age students

ESL/EFL for any age students

English & Language Ats for any age students

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