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Seoul, South Korea local chapter Ian Chae donated gifts for Turkish students! 

Hello! My name is Ian Chae. I am a student at Seoul Foreign School in South Korea, and I am in 9th grade. I speak fluent Korean and English. I am told to be a very well-rounded student and a person who loves teaching and hanging out with children, particularly elementary school students. My most recent notable achievement is: Piano ABRSM grade 8 distinction score.

I scored 1510 on my SAT in late October 2022 and was on the high honor roll during my freshman year, with a GPA of 4.0. I was able to maintain these grades during my first semester of my sophomore year, which gained me the privilege of eligibility to apply for the National Honor Society. I started my own club at my school and am raising money for orphaned students wanting to pursue a higher learning. At school, I am also a student coach for the swim team, which has taught me the skills of leadership, commitment, and service. Although I am a novice in this type of volunteering work, I would love to teach students worldwide who may need someone like me to communicate and learn English.

I started off my first four years of school in korean public school. Then I studied abroad in Toronto, Canada for 3 years. When I came back to Korea I went to Seoul foreign british School for my last year of middle school, and now I am in Seoul Foreign High School. I never had any tutoring experience but I'm friendly with younger children because I volunteered for younger children help sessions and disordered / mentally ill children help session when I was in Canada.

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