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AAH! health event: blood drive & cpr training 

Partnering with the American Red Cross, we held our annual blood drive. With an average of 35 donors, the event can contribute to saving the lives of up to 100 people. Thank you to those who contributed to addressing today's significant blood supply shortage!

There is currently an extreme shortage of blood needed for lifesaving transfusions, and the Red Cross is crucial in solving this issue. Even one donation can save up to three lives. A blood transfusion is needed every two seconds, and there is never enough supply to meet demand. 

Cards for kids event

Cardz For Kidz is a global non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, smiles, and encouragement to children, families, seniors, and veterans in hospitals, schools, and senior living. To support their mission, AAH held a card making event with students, parents, and others, making over 140 cards with 60 volunteers. A big thank you to everyone who supported us!

Organized by Elly Kang (co-founder) and Medha Gunda (Alpharetta Local Chapter head and Community Outreach Director)

ADOPT-A-MILE PROGRAM (Cobb County Govt.)

American Assimilation Helpline! Inc. has been a proud supporter of the Cobb County Keep Cobb Beautiful Adopt-A-Mile program. AAH! has officially adopted about a mile of Indian Hills Parkway, Marietta GA-30068. Clean-ups are held at every quarter first Sunday.  It’s not glamorous work, but it’s great to see our neighborhood clean and neat. And each time we clean up our mile, there seems to be less trash to collect, so we are confident that we are making a difference. AAH! Adopt a mile program is an excellent way for groups to work together to keep Cobb beautiful. Cobb County has been reputed as one of the most attractive communities in the Southeast. Let’s preserve this attribute!

What to Expect

  • Usually, it takes less than an hour for volunteers to pick up the trash that has accumulated and collect the orange bags in a central location for the county to pick up.

  • Bags, latex gloves, and safety vests are provided.

  • Covid-19 precautions are observed! We provide masks and we keep our distance.

  • Wear sturdy shoes or boots and bring gloves if you’d rather not use the latex gloves we provide.

  • Children under 13 are not allowed on the cleanups for safety reasons. Children 13 and over must be accompanied by an adult.

american cancer society:
making strides against breast cancer

American Assimilation Helpline! Inc. took part in American Cancer Society's breast cancer event in Atlantic City. We can't wait to be involved in more initiatives to take more steps towards a cure for a cancer!

Hi my name is Sreeja Sappati and I am a Junior at Wheeler High School magnet program. I am currently an officer/member of Student Government, Magnet Advisory Board, Science Olympiad, Model UN, Beta Club, Helping Hands, and more. I enjoy playing on the varsity soccer team and doing classical Indian Dance and Bollywood Dance. I have leadership experience through Wellstar Volunteen Program, Cobb Youth Leadership, treasurer of iCAN( International Children’s Advisory Network), and VT Seva where I stitched 500 cloth masks and donated them to Laurel Heights Hospital and Piedmont Hospital. I love working with kids and helping my community by tackling new challenges!! I would love to help in reading, writing, math, and science. --

Hello! My name is Riddhi Maheshwari and I am a junior at the Wheeler High School magnet program in Marietta, Georgia. I am the president of the school’s science olympiad team, parliamentarian for student government, and committee lead in the magnet advisory board. I also hold a position in my county’s youth commission, attending monthly leadership meetings. At school, I am also a part of helping hands, a community service club, and magnet learning links, where I tutor my peers. I am pursuing the healthcare pathway, in which I have gotten my CPR and Emergency Medical Responder certification. I love dance, and I play Water Polo and swim, both for the school teams. I have a lot of experience with kids, from tutoring, babysitting, and giving swim lessons, and love to teach and help out whenever I can. I can tutor any subjects/ages for elementary school and middle school, and reading/writing/biology/algebra (1 or 2) for high school.

Hello, my name is Julia Yu and I am currently a freshman in the Wheeler High School MAGNET program. I am a Math Team officer and am currently in Helping Hands, Model UN, Girls Who Code, and Girls in Cybersecurity. I also enjoy hiking and reading books in my free time. I am pursuing the computer science pathway at Wheeler, I already know the basics of Python and HTML language. I enjoy helping the community and tutoring, I have been tutoring pretty much every week since high school started and I used to volunteer at a retirement home before COVID-19. I am excited to help teach science, math, etc. to students who need help

Hello! My name is Dhriti Jengiti, and I am currently a freshman in the Wheeler Magnet Program in Marietta, GA. I am currently participating in a number of clubs such as Science Olympiad, Wheeler Women Empowerment, Jazba Bollywood, and the Wheeler High School swim team. I also volunteer for HOSA and Helping Hands. I enjoy doing classical singing and dancing as extracurriculars as well. I love working with kids and have gained a lot of experience over the years. I want to work toward my goal of providing all kids the opportunity to learn and enjoy doing it. I can tutor kids in all subjects from elementary to middle school while also teaching a few subjects like Spanish II and Geometry in high school.

Hi, my name is Ewuraba Buckle and I am currently a junior in the Wheeler High School magnet program in Marietta, Georgia. I am heavily involved at Wheeler and have served a few leadership positions including the past director of communications for CircuitRunners Robotics, the captain of the junior varsity LadyCats basketball team, and the current president of wheeler’s chapter of the national BETA Club. I am also an active member of various other clubs including student government, girls who code, and helping hands. I aspire to pursue computer science in the future and have therefore taken just about all the tech classes Wheeler has to offer. I have a lot of experience working with and tutoring children. I would be most helpful tutoring students in computer science and different mathematics topics, but can also help with English/writing.

My name is Param Desai, and I attend Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia. My hobbies include sports, learning, and tutoring. I am someone who can help a student learn to be their best by teaching them and providing ideas. I am a student who excels in a learning environment and helps my peers with their problems. I am devoted to helping students, and I am ecstatic to tutor others! I prefer to tutor in reading, writing, and math but am proficient in CS.


Hey, I'm Shaunika Buttan and I'm a junior at Wheeler High School. Although I've taken/enrolled a plethora of STEM classes, including AP Chem, AP Computer Science and AP Calc, my favorite subjects are ELA and history. I want to help however I can!

I am a sophomore attending Wheeler’s STEAM magnet program that has taken math up to precalculus, history up to AP World History, and English up to Honors World Literature. In science, I have pursued chemistry and physics, taking AP classes in both subjects. Though, I have also pursued music throughout high school, as I have been in orchestra and am taking AP music theory.

I am a senior at Cambridge high school, Milton in GA 

My name is Arshiya Vyas. I live in Marietta and I am a 9th Grader. I was accepted into Wheeler Magnet School or The Center for Advanced Studies in Science, Math & Technology in Cobb County in 8th Grade and am part now part of the Magnet Program at Wheeler High School. I am active in many clubs: Student Government, Model UN, Math Team, CircuitRunners Robotics, and Helping Hands. I enjoy school as well and like all subjects, although my favorite is math.

Hello, my name is Akshaj Yenumala and I am a sophomore at Wheeler High School, Marietta, Georgia. My main strengths are Math, Science, Spanish, and Computer Science.

Hi , my name is Manya Mishra and I go to Walton High School. I’m excited to be a part of the AAH team this year again as I would like to share my knowledge with other people . In academics whenever I used to get stuck with some concepts my parents helped me understand it .I want to extend the same helping hand for other kids so that they may learn and excel in their academics. Currently I’m in grade 9, and math and science are my two favorite subjects. I love to play soccer , basketball, tennis and badminton.I’ve enjoyed outdoor activities ever since I can remember . Looking forward to having a wonderful experience here!!!

Hello! My name is Misha Patel and I am a sophomore at Wheeler High School, in which I am apart of the magnet program. I have been a member of AAH since 2019 and I am dedicated to bridging the learning gap of in order to provide for a better future. Classes: Magnet Biology, Magnet Chemistry, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Geometry, Acc Pre-Calculus, Honors 9th grade Lit, AP computer science principles, AP bio, and AP environmental science Extracurriculars: JV cross country, Varsity Lacrosse, Indian Classical Dance, Helping Hands and Model UN

My name is Megha Yeddula, and I am a passionate and hard-working student. As a rising junior, I have taken higher-level courses in math, science, ELA, and social studies. Within the classroom, I am an active student and I have consistently scored well on my exams. I want to pass my strategies for effective learning onto a younger generation without access to tutors. As school becomes more competitive, students without educational access often struggle more than their peers who have more educational access. I have been fortunate enough to have tutors and instructors to help me excel in my studies. However, without these resources, my classes would be much more challenging. I hope to tutor for AAH to help kids who may not have these resources. I have lots of experience with teaching and tutoring, which I believe will make me a good candidate for this internship. After school, I tutor my peers on subjects they may be struggling with and provide them with resources and good study strategies. I have tutored for other organizations including Learning Links, Sewa, Smart Minds Tutoring, and American Assimilation Helpline in the past. This year, I held a job at Kumon - an afterschool tutoring program - and instructed many kids of various age groups. As a Kumon Instructor I: - engaged actively with students to build confidence in the subject matter and help improve study methods. - organized worksheets, utensils, and folders to maintain a clean learning environment. modeled professional behavior and good study habits both within and outside of the classroom. - assisted students with developing positive academic strategies to improve learning and boost self-confidence. - accurately graded completed worksheets and provided quality feedback to students and parents. I consider my job experience as leverage that can allow me to provide my experiences and ideas as a tutor. In addition, over the summer, I volunteered at the John Knox Presbyterian Church as a preschool teacher's assistant. As a teacher's assistant, I instructed students on basic academic concepts, introduced vocabulary, evaluated student progress, and worked with groups to focus on teaching handwriting. In school, I am an executive officer for the Freshman Mentoring program. This leadership position has given me the ability to engage with a variety of students to help them grow through high school. This experience has developed my approach to nurturing students. Ultimately, my experience in academics and volunteering will allow me to be an excellent and encouraging tutor.

I have over five years of experience as a tutor in various subjects. I volunteered to help kids in Math and ELA in elementary school and continued tutoring throughout middle and high school through external organizations such as Beta Club, Smart Minds Tutoring, and AAH. I am an officer of Smart Minds Tutoring due to my dedication to the nonprofit as a tutor. In my sophomore year of high school I lettered in community service, with around 20 hours being dedicated to tutoring. I am part of the Magnet program at Wheeler High School, which is an academically rigorous program. I have taken five AP classes in my freshman and sophomore years and I will be taking six to seven more in my junior year.

My name is Kayla. I am am 11th grade, magnet student at Wheeler High School. I have done a similar program to this one called ebook buddies which taught underserved children in the US to read. I really enjoyed that experience and hope to help more kids around the world. I enjoy reading, watching television, and just learning something new.

Hey! I'm Ananya, and I'm currently a freshman in the STEM magnet program at Wheeler High School. I've been tutoring through AAH! for about two years now, and I'm really interested in computer science and math. I've gotten straight A's all throughout middle school/currently, and I'm taking rigorous courses both at school and outside of it. In my free time, I compete in national debate tournaments at prestigious institutions such as at Harvard and Yale. I've also been playing the viola for 4 years and I play tennis competitively.

Hello, I'm Dhruva, a freshman going to wheeler magnet high school. I excel at stem oriented subjects and my current academics include Honors Algebra II, Magnet biology, Honors Spanish II, and AP Computer science principles. My completed academic courses include Magnet chemistry, Honors geometry, Honors 9th literature, and 1/2 unit of AP Computer science principles. I plan to take AP precalculus, AP physics 1 and 2, AP Computer science A, Honors world literature, Honors world history, and Honors Spanish III for my 10th grade academics.

Hi , my name is Manya Mishra and I go to Walton High School. I’m excited to be a part of the AAH team this year again as I would like to share my knowledge with other people . In academics whenever I used to get stuck with some concepts my parents helped me understand it .I want to extend the same helping hand for other kids so that they may learn and excel in their academics. Currently I’m in grade 9, and math and science are my two favorite subjects. I love to play soccer , basketball, tennis and badminton.I’ve enjoyed outdoor activities ever since I can remember . Looking forward to having a wonderful experience here!!!

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