Diversity Students




2022 AAH! health event: blood drive & cpr training 

Partnering with the American Red Cross, we held our annual blood drive. With 32 donors, the event can contribute to saving the lives of up to 96 people. Thank you to those who contributed to addressing today's significant blood supply shortage!

There is currently an extreme shortage of blood needed for lifesaving transfusions, and the Red Cross is crucial in solving this issue. Even one donation can save up to three lives. A blood transfusion is needed every two seconds, and there is never enough supply to meet demand. 

Cards for kids event

Cardz For Kidz is a global non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, smiles, and encouragement to children, families, seniors, and veterans in hospitals, schools, and senior living. To support their mission, AAH held a card making event with students, parents, and others, making over 140 cards with 60 volunteers. A big thank you to everyone who supported us!

Organized by Elly Kang (co-founder) and Medha Gunda (Alpharetta Local Chapter head and Community Outreach Director)

american cancer society:
making strides against breast cancer

American Assimilation Helpline! Inc. took part in American Cancer Society's breast cancer event in Atlantic City. We can't wait to be involved in more initiatives to take more steps towards a cure for a cancer!

My name is Jaden Hwang and I go to Marist school. I am good at many subjects but especially good at History and Math. I am also in my school's marching band where I play the Bass drum. As a part of marching band I get to perform at football games and I get more time on the field than some of the players. I also volunteer in my church a lot because my dad is a pastor of my church. I have a lot of experience teaching people because I am a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo where I have a cool staff uniform. I am very funny and act stupid sometimes according to my friends but am an amazing student and I can teach elementary and middle school math, pre-algebra, algebra 1, elementary and middle school English, English, science, and social studies.  

Hello! My name is Jana Hwang and I attend Chamblee Middle School, Magnet Program in Chamblee, GA.  I am especially good at art, math, and also interest in learning various languages.  I am bilingual in English and Korean and also have been learning German since 5th grade. I have always excelled in my classes and have always received all As. I’ve had various interest in different sports and instruments such as swimming, taekwondo, skating, tennis, piano, violin, and the clarinet. I am excited for this opportunity to teach any subjects to anyone who needs help.