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  • Rice University (RU)- Class of 2026

  • Major: Biology (Pre-Med)


  • Walton High School- Class of 2022 

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)- Class of 2027

  • Major: Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics


  • Marist School- Class of 2023

  • Rice University (RU)- Class of 2026

  • Major: Biology (Pre-Med)


  • Walton High School- Class of 2022 

AAH! was founded in 2017 by three middle school students in Atlanta, GA - Elly Kang (a freshman at Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Abhishek Kona (a sophomore at Rice University), and Abhinav Kona (a sophomore at Rice University). Elly Kang started out tutoring refugee students from a family who had little to no educational access due to the Syrian conflict and very few economic resources at their disposal. As time passed, word spread, and she regularly visited students in several different households to help them assimilate into their school environment. Abhishek and Abhinav Kona were involved in educational volunteering services from the beginning of middle school. As demand across the community grew, these three students co-founded AAH!​

My name is Elly Kang, and I'm a freshman at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)! I am passionate about artificial intelligence and data science and am especially focused on mitigating structural inequalities. I have dedicated much of my work to creating equal opportunities and reducing the wealth and gender gap, with a focus on STEM fields.

I've been tutoring since 2017 at American Assimilation Helpline! (AAH!), and I truly enjoy working with students. So far, I've learned so much throughout my experience and become increasingly passionate about guiding students in need to the right path. Specifically, the AAH! computer science team and I have been making coding accessible for low-income, immigrant, refugee, and homeless students who have little or no access to STEM education. My goal is to reach out to as many students as possible and introduce computer science while promoting academic success. That's why I've decided to dedicate as much time as I can to igniting students' potential as part of my pursuit to end systemic inequality.

Abhinav Kona

Hello everyone, my name is Abhinav Kona, a co-founder of AAH! I'm a sophomore at Rice University (RU)! I've been a tutor since 2017, and I enjoy working with students and value the time I spend with each child. Since not everyone has access to sound education, I make sure to teach in a way so that each child has the potential to succeed in academics. My belief is that the improvement and success of each individual is key to affecting a family's life in an improved world. As we keep improving and expanding, immigrants' lives will change.​

Abhishek Kona

Hello, my name is Abhishek Kona, and I’m one of the co-founders of AAH! I'm a sophomore at Rice University (RU). Since 2017, our program has been tutoring students in order to enlighten the futures of many bright tutees as well as provide opportunities to those who may have been denied such chances. It gives me great pleasure and delight in working with these students, as everyday, I’m more than happy to share my knowledge and create a better world for them.  By helping everyone, I hope to not only see their growth and potential but expand these educational circumstances even further globally.

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