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We use several different resources to enhance our students' mathematical skills.

Please scroll all the way down for resources.

Khan Academy (

We create an account for each student. Based on their academic needs, we give them homework for any concepts they need to work on. We give step-by-step instructions whenever students are stuck at a certain stage to maximize progress.


Quizlet ( and Kahoot (

Both websites have many different practice sets for the students to go through. If they practice enough, they won't forget the formulas and concepts. They create an enjoyable and competitive element for the students to work hard.



YouTube (

There are several channels on YouTube that explain concepts very well. (I.E Professor Leonard, NancyPi...) While the student is watching the video, whenever they're confused, we'll explain it. On top of that, students can easily review anything they might need to brush up on.




This website goes through every single detail of various math skills. This will be used for giving the students a resource to refer back to or take notes on at home.

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