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Diversity Students



My name is Tei Kim. I am a Junior at Auburn High School, located in Auburn, Alabama. I can speak English and Korean fluently but speak a moderate amount of Spanish. I have been tutoring my own colleagues and little kids. My goal is to help provide free education for students who are willing to learn or need help on subjects. I am proficient in elementary math, middle school math, Geometry, Algebra 1 and 2, Pre-algebra, chemistry, and basic English.



- Second Chair Baritone Saxophone – Alabama District Honor Band

- First Chair Alto Saxophone – Auburn University Summer Symphonic Band Camp

- Third Chair Alto Saxophone - Troy Honor Band

Classes Taken/Taking

- AP Computer Science Principles

- AP Statistics

- AP US History

- AP English, Language and Composition

- AP Psychology

- AP European History


- A member of the Environmental Action Committee(2021-present)

- A member of the Auburn Sigma Lambda Chi, National Honor Society (2022-present)

- A member of the Game Design Club (2021-present)

- Auburn High School Marching Band (2018-2020)

- Altar server at St. Michaels Catholic Church (2016-present)

I am Sreenesh Allu, a sophomore at Fred j Page High School in Franklin TN. My interests are in Math, Tennis and Computing Science. I participated in Math Olympiad, played in varsity tennis program and participating in Computing Science Olympaid.

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