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Diversity Students



  • Riverdale County SchoolBronx, NY

  • Stuyvesant High School, NY, NY

  • Saint Francis Prepatory School, NY

  • Francis Lewis High SchoolFlushing, NY

  • Francis Lewis High SchoolFlushing, NY

  • Francis Lewis High SchoolFlushing, NY

  • Syosset High SchoolSyosset, NY

2022 New York Chapters annual board meeting!


  • Stuyvesant High School Local Chapter

  • Brooklyn Local Chapter

  • Queens Local Chapter

  • Bronx Local Chapter

  • Bayside Local Chapter


At YWCA, AAH! Bronx chapter and New York directors collaborated with their staff to help those in need during the holiday season. The chapter packed food and delivered gifts to kids in low-income families. Much thanks to the YWCA staff and volunteers for making it possible!

As part of its commitment to creating quality educational opportunities for students in need, our  New York chapter raised funds to donate to the Hanmaun Zen Center youth group's educational programs. 


By running an event in Flushing, New York, through the Minkwon Center, the New York AAH! chapter helped immigrants set up apps that make them aware of how prevalent COVID-19 is in their communities and connect to smart thermometers tracking their health. The members also helped guide those interested in resources such as a health insurance plan and food stamps.

This initiative is a part of our mission of helping those in need, such as immigrants.


Five of our local chapters in New York volunteered at Randalls Island to help with lowering food prices for immigrant communities. They regularly took part in agricultural initiatives easing cost burdens on the community.  

OUR New York chapter volunteered at THE Queens County Farm Museum to help RUN ITS halloween festival

Hi, my name is Samuel. I am a current sophomore at Riverdale Country School in New York. I'm a tri-sport varsity athlete at my school: running Cross Country in the fall, swimming in the winter, and running Track in the spring. I'm most confident in mathematics and coding. I can teach Elementary and Middle School mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, scratch, and Intro to Java and Python well.

Hi I’m Erin! I’m currently attending Stuyvesant High School in New York as a sophomore. I’m well versed in the subjects of Math, Science, and ELA. In my Freshman year, I’ve taken Geometry, Freshman Composition, Biology, and Spanish. I’m confident in my ability to improve a student’s understanding in both Math and ELA, and I have the patience to adapt to different students’ needs when teaching.

Hi! My name is Junhyun Lee (Jun). I live in New York and I am a Sophomore at Saint Francis Preparatory School. I can teach elementary math, middle school math, pre-algebra, algebra 1, elementary English, and middle school English. I took Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. I am currently taking Math 12. I'm also in the program called the Midnight Run. Programs that I do outside of school is Boy Scouting, being a teacher assistant in Korean school, and doing Altar service at church. I also played the Clarinet since 5th grade. Currently I am level 6 at the Clarinet. I hope to work with you very well. Thank you!

Hi! My name is Jibin Choi. I am a Freshman at Francis Lewis High School in Bayside, New York. I had a 95+ average throughout middle school. I went to ms 74. i am in the computer science program and taking algebra 1, honors english, korean, and living environment.

Hi! My name is Inseong Cho. I am a Freshman at Francis Lewis High School in Flushing, New York. I’m a 14 year old Korean student and I’m willing to teach anyone below the age of 12. I learn geometry, chemistry, and I’m in the math team

Hi, my name is Matthew Lee and I am a freshman attending Francis Lewis High School. I am 14 years old and on my free time, I enjoy playing basketball and playing video games with my friends. Nice to meet you!

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