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Helping low-income girls in Seoul, South Korea & Osaka, Japan to learn coding and English at the same time!

Colegio Cristiano Arte school

Luque, Paraguay

Everything's Possible in Computer Science!

My son, Bless, has been an AAH student since 2017. They have been supporting my son and our family in countless ways. Since we get so much from AAH, we decided to do something about it. Bless will tutor AAH students starting next year, and I am more than happy to give back to AAH as a sponsor! The organization is comprised of many amazing volunteers, and I believe they are the future of America. 

LCI has been with AAH from its incubating stage. In short, it was so fun to witness that three passionate middle school students started a new organization to help the refugee and immigrant friends for their study and assimilating in the US culture. And now after 4 years, it has grown beyond even its geography boundaries and extended its service to international students. This achievement is truly inexplicable but maybe the miracle of God, considering that this has been happening during the coronavirus pandemic, when we can’t physically gather together for the normal activities. As a pastor of a Christian church, I pray for God’s blessings for AAH and for continually growing, so that this organization can provide more service to anyone in need, despite of all the differences between the teachers and the students. 

May God bless all the participants in AAH! 

Rev. Uijin Hwang

Senior Pastor – Lutheran Church of the Incarnation

1200 Indian Hills Pkway, Marietta, GA 30068

(770) 971-2738

AAH has been a tremendous asset to our local area.  Passionate about their cause, they’ve helped numerous students academically while also giving them guidance to assimilate among their peer group, which leads to better grades and much higher confidence levels. This is so critical in school-age children. We at Fit for Trips are thrilled to support them. The assistance they offer, and the value it brings, elevates the entire community.

Marcus Shapiro

Fit For Trips - The Adventure Travel Fitness Specialists




Click on AAH! partners and sponsors for more information. 


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