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Social Studies

We always provide our students with the best online courses for them to fully grasp a concept. In addition to most topics covered in elementary schools, our tutors can also tutor students all the way up to AP Human Geography and Georgia Studies. Most of our tutors have passed the AP Exam for this college level social studies course.


BrainPop (

BrainPop is a fun and educational way of tutoring our students about various topics they may be learning about in school. After watching the animated videos, there is a short quiz they can take to see how well they understood the subject. 


Khan Academy is a free online learning tool that provides plenty of information about numerous topics covered in history. There are informational videos we can watch and take tests on afterwards. We use practice from this site to tutor the students and use tests from Khan Academy as homework.

Textbooks From School

Most students are provided history textbooks of their curriculum at their schools. We will use these along with other resources to teach students more about what they will learn and what will be on their tests. (We can use these textbooks to teach them about the curriculum.)

YouTube (

Many teachers and educators post informational videos on YouTube and we will use these to allow our students to gain further knowledge in the topic they are learning about.

TED-Ed (

We can let our students gather further insight into a specific topic by using TED-Ed's many educational videos. These videos are fun to watch and have many visuals to keep it interesting. 


Quizlet (

Quizlet is an online study tool used by many students to study for their tests. It has online flashcards, quizzes and games made by real teachers and students. We can use these tools to help our students study for their upcoming tests and quizzes.


Grades 2-8. History is more than facts and dates! students dive deeper by evaluating primary sources and drawing connections between historical events and the world today.

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