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  1. Download WhatsApp on your mobile device, save your assigned student's mobile number, and create a WhatsApp chat with your student.

  2. Message your student through WhatsApp to notify them of the chat you created for the session, introduce yourself, and confirm the session's time with your student.

  3. Your student pairing will be permanent, and if needed, you can communicate with your student by using Google Translate translating English to Portuguese.

  4. If your scheduled session doesn't work for you or your student, reschedule your session for a different date and time when both of you are available. Let us know through the internship group chat in WhatsApp with any schedule changes.

  5. If you can’t tutor on certain dates, you should find a substitute to fill in.

  6. Use Google Meet to invite your student.

  7. Make sure to send an invitation to your student 10 minutes before your session starts.

  8. If your student does not respond, try to reach out several times. Then, let us know if you can’t connect to your student in our internship WhatsApp group chat so we can help!

  9. Wait 30 minutes to leave if your student doesn’t join your Meet link.

  10. Your student either can’t speak English well or has to study the alphabet, so try to gauge their English knowledge and go from there.

  11. Please make sure to speak loudly, clearly, and slowly. This is crucial to helping with basic English.

  12. You should take a screenshot during each session with you and your student and send it to the WhatsApp group chat. We use this to confirm your session took place to provide two volunteer hours for each session.

  13. You can find the options listed below on our homepage. CTRL + F “For international tutors & students” to find it on

  14. Regardless of you being assigned a student or not, your internship will continue. However, you must let us know two weeks prior to your internship end date so we can find a replacement.

  15. Always feel free to ask questions through WhatsApp or text at 770-337-6501

These are our resources and guidelines for English conversation you can use for your sessions!

There are examples of instructional videos, but you can find other videos to screen share.

A Guide for English Conversation

BILINGUAL KIDSPOT for younger students

ALL ESL for students of all ages

ESL/EFL for students of all ages

English & Language Arts for students of all ages

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