AAH! is a registered 501 (c)(3) educational nonprofit organization.

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American Assimilation Helpline! (AAH!)

is a global non-profit organization led by US students established in 2017. It is dedicated to providing free and personalized one-on-one tutoring for core academic subjects and computer science for low-income, immigrant, refugee, and homeless students weekly. Our mission is focused on creating equal opportunities for those marginalized in STEM and reduce the wealth and gender gap. Since its inception in 2017, AAH! has extended its reach to fourteen local chapters, seventeen states and ten countries, making an impact on around 1000 students across the world with about 650 tutors. It matches each student to an AAH! tutor to fit each student's specific needs, and our student tutors get community service hours from their schools while teaching students all over the world. We have a global reach, helping out anyone in need through virtual video calls on Google Meet. AAH! sessions are every Sunday from 5-6 PM EST, and they are year-round (including summer vacation). Students who need help with schoolwork or learning the English language are welcome!  

AAH! has also been working on projects year-round such as recruiting student volunteers internationally to serve about 200 low-income students outside the US, supporting the homeless with initiatives such as contributing dozens of devices and donating school supplies, and hosting blood drives with the American Red Cross.

American Assimilation Helpline! (AAH!)

​es una organización global sin fines de lucro dirigida por estudiantes de los Estados Unidos. Era establecida en 2017. Se dedica a brindar tutoría individual gratuita y personalizada para materias académicas básicas y ciencias de la computación para estudiantes de bajos ingresos, inmigrantes, refugiados y sin casa semanalmente. Cuenta con la aprobación del distrito escolar para ampliar el acceso tecnológico y la tutoría gratuita en las escuelas primarias. Nuestra misión se centra en crear igualdad de oportunidades para los marginados en STEM y reducir la riqueza y la brecha de género. Desde su creación en 2017, AAH! ha extendido su alcance a 14 capítulos locales, 17 estados y 10 países, logrando un impacto en alrededor de 1000 estudiantes en todo el mundo con alrededor de 650 tutores.

¡Empareja a cada estudiante con un AAH! tutor para adaptarse a las necesidades específicas de cada estudiante, y nuestros estudiantes tutores obtienen horas de servicio comunitario de sus escuelas mientras enseñan a estudiantes de todo el mundo. Tenemos un alcance global y ayudamos a cualquier persona que lo necesite a través de videollamadas virtuales en Google Meet. ¡AAH! las sesiones son todos los domingos de 5 a 6 p.m., hora del este, y son durante todo el año (incluidas las vacaciones de verano). ¡Los estudiantes que necesitan ayuda con el trabajo escolar o aprender el idioma inglés son bienvenidos! 

¡AAH! también ha estado trabajando en proyectos durante todo el año, como el reclutamiento de estudiantes voluntarios a nivel internacional para atender a unos 200 estudiantes de bajos ingresos fuera de los Estados Unidos, apoyar a las personas sin casa con iniciativas como contribuir con docenas de dispositivos y donar útiles escolares, y organizar campañas de donación de sangre con Amrican Red Cross.

our international reach!
10 countries


our national reach! 
17 states


our impact Since 2017

  • Tutored over 1000 students all over the worlD!

  • Over 650 teachers!

American Assimilation helpline!

2022 Summer internship

our selected interns will tutor students in brazil and paraguay- more details coming soon 

Summer of 2021: two hundred South Korean, Japanese, and Indian students

from may, we will tutor our partner school "colegio cristiano arte" students in paraguay

we are partnering with
colegio cristiano arte" school
luque, paraguay

Our 9th grade students

Our 7th grade students

AAH! is a certifying organization for the President's volunteer service award (PVSA) 

It is an opportunity to honor our most outstanding volunteers and recognize the impact our volunteers make.  

American Assimilation Helpline! INC. Is authorized to verify and certify volunteers’ eligibility for the PVSA and order awards.

Volunteer Eligibility

  • United States citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States (i.e., green card holder)

  • Must be at least five years old

  • Completes eligible service within a 12-month period (for annual Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards) and over a lifetime (for Lifetime Achievement Awards)


Eligible Service:

  • Unpaid acts of volunteer service benefitting others

    • Service through National service programs that provide a stipend (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) may count towards the Lifetime Achievement Award, but not for the annual Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards)

    • Travel stipends, transit/parking passes, membership passes, expense reimbursements, and other nominal volunteer support do not impact service eligibility


Eligible Service does not include:

  • Donating funds

  • Political lobbying (Non-partisan voter registration is an eligible activity)

  • Religious instruction

  • Conducting worship service

  • Proselytizing

  • Volunteer service performed as part of court-ordered community service

  • Serving only family members

2021 President's volunteer service AWARD RECIPIENTS!

  • Abhishek Kona: Gold Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • Abhinav Kona: Gold Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • Elly Kang: Gold Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • Sarayu Agasthi: Gold Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • Jaden Hwang: Gold Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • Anika Viswanathan: Gold Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • Brandon Cho: Gold Medal & Certificate (New York, NY) 

  • SaiSandesh Ballem: Gold Medal & Certificate (Lansing, MI) 

  • Christina Yi: Silver Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • SaiChandana Ballem: Silver Medal & Certificate (Lansing, MI)

  • Avni Gopanaboina: Silver Medal & Certificate (AP, India)

  • Srinidhi Satluri: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA) 

  • Matthew Huang: Bronze Medal & Certificate (New York, NY)

  • Amelie Woods: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA) 

2020 President's volunteer service AWARD RECIPIENTS!

Chief Guest: Mr. ALEX LEWIS, Director of Creative and Digital Media, Kennesaw State University, GA

  • Srinidhi Satluri: Gold Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)

  • Sarayu Agasthi: Silver Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)        

  • Avni Gopanaboina: Bronze Medal & Certificate (AP, India)

  • Brandon Cho: Bronze Medal & Certificate (New York, NY) 

  • Ted Cho: Bronze Medal & Certificate (New York, NY)

  • SaiChandana Ballem: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Lansing, MI)             

  • Dhruvpal Mehru: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)           

  • Siddant Singh: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                  

  • Sara Saeidi: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                     

  • Manya Mishra: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                 

  • Krishna Anand: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                

  • Anshula Pawar: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)             

  • Aisulu R. Montes: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)          

  • Ananya Rajagopalan: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)  

  • Nikhil Bhagwat: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)         

  • Zhuyun Wei: Bronze Medal & Certificate (Atlanta, GA)                 

AAH! congratulates all the PVSA winners and look forward to more volunteers to get motivated and join hands to uplift the community that we live in.

Session Sign-up Instructions

1) New students and new tutors need to sign up at the new student sign-up or new tutor sign-up below before registering for a session each week. Once you sign up as a new student or a tutor, you only need to register for each session.

2) We require students and tutors to download WhatsApp - all communication is through the platform (cancellations or changes in scheduled sessions, announcements).

3) Register for a weekly session - our sessions are every Sunday from 5 to 6 PM EST through Google Meet or Zoom.

  • Scroll down to sign up as a new student, a new tutor, and register for each week's session

Instructions to register for sessions each week:

1. Click the register for a session link

2. Sign in with your preferred Google account

3. Select either tutor or student

4. Fill out the information and create your account

5. Please sign up by 3:30 PM EST on Sunday. We email pairing lists on Sunday at 4:00 PM EST.  

6. Tutors, our pairing system matches subject preferences of both tutors and students. Please make sure to choose all the subjects that you're comfortable teaching, so you can be paired up with students who request those subjects. If there aren't students requesting the subjects you selected, you won't be matched. If you signed up for a session and didn't receive a pairing email, we will manually pair you with students who weren't matched with someone. If you are not assigned a student, we will still verify your volunteer hours and individually contact you to give your student's info or inform you that you do not have a student. Remember to choose your availability for the coming Sundays.

7. Students, if you would like tutoring, register for a session and fill out the required information.

8. Please sign up by 3:30 PM EST. on Sunday. We email pairing lists on Sunday at 4:00 PM. EST (. If tutors and students are not assigned their student or tutor, we will manually pair them up and post on the AAH! WhatsApp group chats or text them individually before 5 PM. Please look for a WhatsApp message or text message before a session for your pairing lists. 

9. If you are not available after our pairing lists has been sent out, you need to email your student or tutor and make sure he or she knows!

If you have any questions, please contact us at 770-337-6501 or 770-318-1127! 

Quick announcement- we will not have a session this Sunday for mother's day! (5/8)

Any cancellations or changes in scheduled sessions & announcements will be posted here!

Get Tutoring

Home School
  • Once you register as a new student, you can click on "Register for a session" at the link below every week!





  • Read instructions above before you register


  • AAH! matches each student to an excellent tutor to fit each student's  specific needs!

  • ​새로 가입 하는 학생들은 위 NEW STUDENT SIGN-UP 버튼을 누르시고 등록 하세요. 등록을 마치시고 아래 REGISTER FOR A SESSION 에서 수업신청을 하시면 됩니다.

  • 현제 학생들은 아래 REGISTER FOR A SESSION 에서 바로 수업신청을 하시면 됩니다.

  • 私たちは、各学生の特定のニーズに合わせて、各学生を優れたチューターと接続します。

Become a Tutor

  • Once you register as a new tutor, you can click on "Register for a session" at the link below every week!






  • Read instructions above before you register

  • Get community service hours from your school while tutoring students all over the world!

  • International tutors are separately managed. Do not register for a session at the link. Please download WhatsApp, and we will add you to one of our international WhatsApp groups.  


  • ​K OREAN: 한국에 거주 하시는 학생 이나 부모님들은 카카오톡 ID: caseyjake 으로 연락 주시면 바로 연락 드리겠습니다. 

  • International student 을 누르시면 한국말로 읽으실수있습니다。

  • International studentを押すと日本語で読むことができます。
  • Apăsați pe butonul "international student" și veți putea citi în românește



Our involvements will make a massive global impact.

AAH! Learning Labs


1200 Indian Hills Parkway
Marietta, GA 30068

*Because of the new wave of COVID cases, we are temporarily closing our learning lab at the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation. We will reopen our lab when the pandemic is less widespread. Students can still have tutoring sessions virtually by registering on our homepage. 

will have open house 
266 Roswell St NE
Marietta, GA 30060


*We postponed our learning lab open house at the Switzer Library and we will reschedule it when the pandemic is less widespread. Students can still have tutoring sessions virtually by registering on our homepage. 

AAH! Local Chapters

Head a local chapter at your middle/high school or city! 

Head a local chapter!

  • Grades 7-12

  • One-hour virtual session weekly


​If interested, apply to create an AAH! local chapter for your middle/high school or city! You would be a part of our mission to reach out to low-income, immigrant, refugee, and homeless students to boost them in their academic journeys. AAH! will be there for you every step of the way to build a local community.  

Apply to Start a LOCAL CHAPTER

  • Once your local chapter registration is complete and approved by our team, you will receive a confirmation email (within 7-10 business days)


       Text only: 770-337-6501

Our New York Chapter's board meeting on April 2022

AMERICAN ASSIMILATION HELPLINE! INC. won a spark prize of $5,000

International Project in 2021!


South Korea









AAH! has served students and tutors from ten different countries. In the summer of 2021, we recruited local student volunteer tutors to complete our project of serving about 200 low-income students in South Korea, Japan, and India by helping them to prepare for the upcoming school year. 

special thanks to our global department external affairs officers

  • Ju Meyong SeoK (south korea)

  • ブヨそく ン 石芙英 (japan)

  • Anupama kona (india) 

South Korea



AAH! health event: blood drive & cpr training 

Thank you very much for  coming to the AAH! Health Event and making it very successful. About ~25 elementary and middle school students attended the CPR training sessions within our health camp.

Through our Blood Drive, American Assimilation Helpline (AAH!) has collected nearly 30 pints of blood and saved around 84 lives.

AAH! builds goodwill and improves team spirit by working together to help others and show leadership in bringing volunteers and donors together for a good cause.

Special thanks to the following volunteers for helping us throughout the event from 2.00PM to 7.30PM:

Abhishek Kona, Abhinav Kona, Elly Kang, Srikar Satluri, Srindhi Satluri, Sarayu Agasthi, Medha Gunda, Joanna Wei, Casey Kang, Santhi, Sirisha, Raj

Very special thanks to the following Donors who attended the Blood Drive to make it a success :

Abhishek Kona, Abhinav Kona, Elly Kang, Andrea Cohen, Anisa Ali, Annamma Nisha Joseph, Anthony Moehlig, Azam Shahnaz, Anand Sathiya Murty, Aruna Palaniappan, Brenda Norton, Farshid Saeidi, Golriz Yazdanpanah, Hannah Chambers, JayaPrashanth Ramanna, Jeffrey Stephens, Jennifer Profili, Jennifer Xonthe, Joanne Brown, John Mayer, Jeff Stephens, Jennifer Hondel, Karthik majeti, Kimberly Harrison, Kumar Raman, Lisa Williams-Coleman, Lorriane Mchugh, Lori Mathis, Megan O’keefe, Marcus Shapiro, Paul Stanko, Rachel Griner, Rahim Samnani, Rajasekhar Kona, Rishipal Mehru, Sandhya Pijakala Santhappa, Sandra Green, Santhi Annavajjala, Sharon Poole, Shewit Ibrahim, Sirisha Kona, So Kang, Spencer Banko, Sridevi Agasthi, Srikar Satluri, Todd Shiflett.

ADOPT-A-MILE PROGRAM (Cobb County Govt.)

American Assimilation Helpline! Inc. has been a proud supporter of the Cobb County Keep Cobb Beautiful Adopt-A-Mile program.   AAH! has officially adopted about a mile of Indian Hills Parkway, Marietta GA-30068. Clean-ups are held at every quarter first Sunday.  It’s not glamorous work, but it’s great to see our neighborhood clean and neat. And each time we clean up our mile, there seems to be less trash to collect, so we are confident that we are making a difference. AAH! Adopt a mile program is an excellent way for groups to work together to keep Cobb beautiful. Cobb County has been reputed as one of the most attractive communities in the Southeast. Let’s preserve this attribute!

What to Expect

  • Usually, it takes less than an hour for volunteers to pick up the trash that has accumulated and collect the orange bags in a central location for the county to pick up.

  • Bags, latex gloves, and safety vests are provided.

  • Covid-19 precautions are observed! We provide masks and we keep our distance.

  • Wear sturdy shoes or boots and bring gloves if you’d rather not use the latex gloves we provide.

  • Children under 13 are not allowed on the cleanups for safety reasons. Children 13 and over must be accompanied by an adult.

we donated school supplies to Hosea helps!

american cancer society:
making strides against breast cancer

American Assimilation Helpline! Inc. took part in American Cancer Society's breast cancer event in Atlantic City. We can't wait to be involved in more initiatives to take more steps towards a cure for a cancer!



Click on AAH! partners and sponsors for more information. 


Colegio Cristiano Arte
Luque, Paraguay

Youngjin Son

Senior Engineer-Design

Engine Performance Center

Large Power Systems Division

Korean University Sejong Campus

University of Science and Technology Department of Environmental System Engineering/ professor

Lee, Jae Woo


2511 Sejong-ro

Sejong City, 30019

Everything's Possible in Computer Science!

LCI has been with AAH from its incubating stage. In short, it was so fun to witness that three passionate middle school students started a new organization to help the refugee and immigrant friends for their study and assimilating in the US culture. And now after 4 years, it has grown beyond even its geography boundaries and extended its service to international students. This achievement is truly inexplicable but maybe the miracle of God, considering that this has been happening during the coronavirus pandemic, when we can’t physically gather together for the normal activities. As a pastor of a Christian church, I pray for God’s blessings for AAH and for continually growing, so that this organization can provide more service to anyone in need, despite of all the differences between the teachers and the students. 

May God bless all the participants in AAH! 

Rev. Uijin Hwang

Senior Pastor – Lutheran Church of the Incarnation

1200 Indian Hills Pkway, Marietta, GA 30068

(770) 971-2738

Helping low-income girls in Seoul, South Korea & Osaka, Japan to learn coding and English at the same time!

AAH has been a tremendous asset to our local area.  Passionate about their cause, they’ve helped numerous students academically while also giving them guidance to assimilate among their peer group, which leads to better grades and much higher confidence levels. This is so critical in school-age children. We at Fit for Trips are thrilled to support them. The assistance they offer, and the value it brings, elevates the entire community.

Marcus Shapiro

Fit For Trips - The Adventure Travel Fitness Specialists




My son, Bless, has been an AAH student since 2017. They have been supporting my son and our family in countless ways. Since we get so much from AAH, we decided to do something about it. Bless will tutor AAH students starting next year, and I am more than happy to give back to AAH as a sponsor! The organization is comprised of many amazing volunteers, and I believe they are the future of America. 




℡ 06-6575-9996  FAX 06-6212-9997

E-MAIL  lee@kannichikan.com

Jung, Sung Il

Share the Love


ホテルコジャン(Hotel Kojan)



TEL 06-6575-7548

FAX 06-6575-7549

E-MAIL  Kojanosaka@gmail.com

Jung Soon Im





Click on AAH! partners and sponsors for more information. 


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